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Update on Personnel Concepts’ ‘Final Notice’

final_noticeInsiders tell me that Personnel Concepts, which has established itself as the number-one force in the labor law posters market, is phasing out its “Final Notice” prospecting campaign.

Though wildly successful. the Final Notice direct-mail marketing has been subject to some criticism from people who object that it looks deceptive, as if it’s a notice from the IRS or other punitive-type government organization.

People do take things too seriously sometimes, but one marketing guru on his site Eyeing Marketing gives the Final Notice a “Bravo!”

In fact, he writes: “This damn marketing piece is BRILLIANT.  Personnel Concepts was able to design a piece and incorporate the “fear factor” very well into their promotion…..BRAVO!!!”
(Emphasis is all his, by the way.)

Nonetheless, Personnel Concepts is eyeing (pun intended)final_notice_back a new approach, call it “kinder, gentler” if you
like (historical reference intended), so as not to scare the bejabbers out of some folk.

I’ve reproduced the front and back of the Final Notice here, so you can glimpse at what all the hullabaloo is about (if you can read it).

Feel free to leave some comments and observations.


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